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Anyone can join us! Registration is very easy & of course free of charge. If you are joining us for the first time, you will find step-by-step instructions on how the CleanUP Days work & how you can become part of the PATRON community on this page. Together for #plasticfreepeaks.

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Straight to the CleanUP Map


Choose day, team & tour.

Whether you're going alone, with friends, colleagues or family: choose a day during the respective period of our CleanUP events and think about which route you want to take to give something back to nature. 

Still not sure which route you want to take? Get inspiration from our CleanUP Map. Here you will find great tour tips from our tourism partners under the filter "Distribution points for CleanUP kits". 


In the interactive CleanUP Map, you can enter your planned CleanUP and see where rubbish is already being collected. Check whether your favourite route is already being cleaned up. No? Then register your tour so that your commitment can also be seen on the map and added to the impact at the end.

To the CleanUP Map


Ready? Then get your CleanUP Kit!

During the CleanUP Days, you can pick up your free kit, consisting of a recyclable and reusable fabric bag and stainless steel tongs, at one of our CleanUP Kit pick-up stations. You can also find the stations on the CleanUP Map.  


Registered & equipped? Let's go!

Set off, clean up and enjoy nature, the fun in a group and the great feeling of making a difference together.

Enjoy your CleanUP Hike!


Show us your commitment under the hashtag #grabitandtagit on Instagram and motivate more people to become part of the #plasticfreepeaks movement.


After your tour, you can empty your bin liner into the bins provided at a drop-off point. Your CleanUP Kit itself is intended to be kept and reused - please do not dispose of it! We will take care of the disposal of the collected rubbish afterwards. You can also find all drop-off points on the CleanUP Map.


Celebrate that you have given something back to Mother Nature - and connect with other PATRONs. 

Because we're about more than just cleaning up. At many tour stops, we organise a #patronconcert, a workshop, Community CleanUP Hike, CleanUP Talk or other events to exchange ideas, get informed and educated or simply enjoy the community around a campfire. Find out about our plans on the website of the respective tour stop. 


Every Day is CleanUP Day. 

You can also do good outside of the PATRON CleanUP Tour. You can register a private CleanUP on the CleanUP Map at any time. Just pack your CleanUP kit on your next hike and off you go! 

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