black forest cleanup days

From 15 - 21 April 2024, the non-profit association PATRON & Schwarzwald Tourismus GmbH called on people to go out and clear nature of rubbish left lying around. Around 2,950 PATRONs responded to the call - despite rain, wind and even snow. We say #thankyou & look forward to the Black Forest CleanUP Days 2025 with hopefully even more kilometres & sunshine.


Black Forest CleanUP Days 2024.

15 - 21 April 2024.

2,950 participants.

720 kilometres.

123 routes.

You were part of it? Thanks for your contribution!

Andreas Schäfer, forester for the city of Freiburg, in conversation. 


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say more than 1,000 words.

Thank you, Black Forest, for making a difference together again this year. Step by step & hand in hand towards #plasticfreepeaks.

Partners & sponsors of the Black Forest CleanUP Days 2024

A big thanks goes out to our partners & sponsors of the Black Forest CleanUP Days 2024. We are really happy & proud to say that we are supported by you! Without you, the CleanUP Days and the organisation of the workshops, community CleanUPs and concerts would not be possible in this form!


Schwarzwald Tourismus GmbH (STG), based in Freiburg, is the tourist 'umbrella' for the strong and enormously diverse region. STG is so enthusiastic about the Black Forest CleanUP Days that it also acted as 'patron' in 2024. Thanks to the good and close cooperation, it is probably possible that the Black Forest CleanUP Days could become perhaps the largest collective CleanUP event in Germany!

About Black Forest Tourism

How to CleanUP

How do the CleanUP Days work? Where and how can you register? And how does it work on site? 

So many questions. Just as many answers.

Basically: Anyone can take part in the PATRON CleanUP Tour & of course it's free, because every action counts!

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10 GUIDelines

To enable you to give something back to Mother Nature, we provide you with tips for a nature-friendly stay and a safe CleanUP in the great outdoors. 

We have developed the 10 key ideas for a CleanUP together with our partners from the Albrecht von Dewitz Foundation and outdooractive.

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"Each and every one of us can achieve a lot - but together as one, we can achieve even more!"


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